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NATURART is a unique concept to preserve the beauty of nature through refined and intrinsic Floral Sculptures, are part of the series: "All the impossible is possible."
Mother Nature is constantly transforming, renewing, and replacing living things continuously. That is the case of the flowers. Some of them lose their splendour when the cycle of its life ends. However, other flowers retain their beauty forever regardless of their age.
These Flower Sculptures are the creation of Jaime Bautista, native Colombian, who has dedicated most of his life understanding mother nature, humanity and developing different ways to be connected to the Universe and its fellow human beings. Art has been one of his tools as it is a universal language.
In this collection he wants to share with you the eternal beauty of Mother Nature represented in the flowers. Each Floral Sculpture is unique and made with natural dry flowers, a metal structure (fine silver or silver coated wire) delicately placed through the flower, and mounted on a slate. They are beautifully displayed in a glass dome or a wooden frame, where they will remain intact for the times to come.
It is Jaime’s wish that each of his creations shares the beauty of nature with you and to appreciate and understand the thought and philosophy behind each of his works. It is Mother Nature at its best!
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